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Green building is the process of building homes and buildings so they are resource efficient throughout their life cycle. This requires the buildings to use all resources in the most efficient way possible. Green buildings also protect the health of occupants, reduce waste and reduce pollution.




Wood is generally used as a “Green” building material for green buildings. Wood is a renewable resource found locally in almost all locations. Wood is also natural form of insulation which cuts down on total energy use to heat or cool homes.



One major concern of green building is the efficiency of water use. Green buildings use many aspects to lower overall water use. Green buildings can collect natural rainwater and put it to use or simply reduce the amount of water pulled from wells or pumped from city water sources



Green buildings can help with economic factors of a business. These buildings help to increase selling potential by putting customers in a better mood. The workers in a green building are more likely to be healthy and have a higher attendance as well as a higher productivity rate. Green buildings take longer to build, but do not cost much more. They can be sold for 50% over average selling price of other buildings.

















- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cmKUPnlY88

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